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WMGSO is an entirely volunteer-run organization. Our non-performing volunteers are vital to the success of our organization. Detailed below are some of our open positions.


The Development Team (Dev Team) researches, plans, and implements outreach activities with the goal of increasing external engagement and income for the organization. Led by the Development Director, the Dev Team's Event Manager volunteers work closely with the Communications Team and Concert Production Team to publicize outreach events and provide WMGSO musicians with performing opportunities outside of the traditional concert season.

Event Manager

Event Managers serve as the lead for an appointed Development Team event (such as a fundraiser, local convention, recital, etc). They coordinate logistics from the pre-planning stages through creating reports post-event.

Duties include:

  • Determining the scope of an event

  • Coordinating with the event venue to determine any associated costs, space restrictions, as well as set-up and breakdown time

  • Coordinating with the Communications Team to ensure promotional materials are available for the event

  • Organizing and maintaining a roster of volunteers

  • Documenting the event in the Development Shared Drive

  • Consolidating and transporting all tabling materials to the event (Square POS, Chromebook, tablecloth, merchandise, etc)

Duties may also include:

  • Scheduling musicians to perform at the event

  • Coordinating with the Twitch Team to ensure A/V support is available

  • Consolidating and transporting equipment for musicians

  • Emceeing the event

  • Compiling a Summary Report of sales to submit to the Treasurer


  • Located in the general DC/MD/VA area

  • Ability to work independently with minimal oversight

  • Business-professional tone in both written and verbal communication

  • Including the Development Director in all event-related communications


  • Access to a car to transport tabling materials


Booking Agent

The Booking Agent initiates contact and maintains relationships with venues for concerts and events. This includes maintaining the venue list; investigating all new submissions to the proposed venues form; communicating with venues/events prior to a contract being drawn; seeks out performance opportunities for small, reduced, and/or full ensemble.


Job duties include:

  • Maintain the venue list by creating and updating venue information

  • Research and include venue submissions from the proposed venues form

  • Contact venues to book stages for full-ensemble and small-ensemble concerts

  • Seek out performance, event, and other networking opportunities for small, reduced, and full-ensemble outside of WM concerts

  • Coordinate with VP to book the ensemble for paid performance opportunities

  • Network with area venues and organizations as possible

Assistant Stage Manager

The Assistant Stage Manager assists the Stage Manager in all duties and assumes Stage Manager duties if the Stage Manager is not available.


The Assistant Stage Manager must be a non-performing member.


The Assistant Stage Manager assists the Stage Manager with the following tasks:

  • Meet with Concert Producer to understand all technical and logistical requirements for stage, backstage, and dressing room/green room (if necessary) setup.

  • Recruit stage crew and assign duties prior to concert.

  • Day-of-Concert Duties:

    • Arrive at start of rental to coordinate setup of all equipment: chairs, music and mic stands, stationary instruments, electronics, and any needs for the stream and recording teams with regards to stage setup.

    • Identify and resolve all safety hazards during setup.

    • Direct performers backstage to ensure that the rental is kept on schedule.

    • Addresses all technical, safety, and logistical issues backstage during concert.

    • Supervises breakdown after performance.

    • Ensures that all WM materials backstage are claimed or directed to Concert Producer for lost and found.

To apply for a Concert Production opening, please send an email to


Due to the nature of these positions, members on the Twitch Team must be non-performing members. These positions are active leading up to and during live-streamed performances, which may include our typical season concerts (fall, spring, summer Small Ensemble Showcase), recitals, outside performances (e.g., conventions), or other events (e.g., Giving Tuesday).

  • Camera Operators

    • Any experience with cameras is required, even shooting home movies with a camcorder.

  • OBS Operators

    • Some experience with OBS Studios is required.

  • Audio Engineers

    • Must have experience mixing live audio and understand Gain Staging, EQ, compression, and FX Routing. Experience with a Behringer X32 is recommended, but is not required.

To apply for a Twitch Team opening, please send an email to


The Graphic Designer creates promotional graphics for WMGSO events and Twitch streams. This role has the following responsibilities:

  • During the concert season, creating weekly Twitch graphics to promote streams where members play different video games.

  • Creating graphics for small ensemble recitals and other events.

  • Attendance, if possible, at our monthly PR/Comms meetings.

To apply for the Graphic Designer opening, please email a link of your portfolio to



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