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WMGSO is an entirely volunteer-run organization. Our non-performing volunteers are vital to the success of our organization. Detailed below are some of our open positions.


The Development Team (Dev Team) researches, plans, and implements outreach activities with the goal of increasing external engagement and income for the organization. Led by the Development Director, the Dev Team's Event Managers and Street Team volunteers work closely with the Communications Team and Concert Production Team to publicize outreach events and provide WMGSO musicians with performing opportunities outside of the traditional concert season.

Outreach Event Manager

The Outreach Event Manager serves as the lead for an appointed Development Team event (such as a fundraiser, local convention, etc.).


  • Determine the scope of the event and follow the appropriate event planning SOP.

  • Organize and maintain a roster of volunteers.

  • Coordinate with the event venue to determine any associated costs and space restrictions, as well as setup and breakdown time.

  • Coordinate with the Communications team to ensure promotional materials are available for the event.

  • Consolidate and transport all tabling materials to the event (tablets, standing banner, tablecloth, etc.).


If applicable:

  • Schedule musicians from the Small Ensemble Registry to perform at the event.

  • Coordinate with the Concert Producers to ensure AV support is available.

  • Consolidate and transport all equipment for musicians.

  • Compile a Summary Report of sales and submit to the Treasurer.


  • Access to a car for transporting tabling materials.

  • Ability to work independently with minimal oversight.

  • Business-professional tone in both written and verbal communication.

  • Include Development Director and/or Assistant Development Director in all event-related communications.

Street Team Member

The Street Team member will support Development Team operations and events over the course of the season.


  • Attend Development Team meetings and provide project updates, as appropriate.

  • Attend event- or assignment-specific meetings.

  • Assist Outreach Event Managers, Development Team members, and the PR Director with promotional initiatives (e.g., flyering, drafting copy for social media).

  • Assist Outreach Event Managers and Development Team members with ad hoc assignments related to the implementation of events (gathering supplies, contacting musicians, etc.).

  • Support the Development Director, Assistant Development Director, and Comms Director with research or writing for grant submissions.

  • Support tabling at conventions, fundraisers, and other events.


  • Proactively research new opportunities.

  • Cross-reference new opportunities with the Pass/Pursue Criteria to gauge feasibility.

  • Find as many details as possible about a potential event before presenting to the team.

  • Open availability for tabling at conventions and fundraisers, to the best of their ability.

 To apply for a Dev Team opening, please send an email to


Front of House Coordinator

The Front of House Coordinator coordinates the logistics for the front of house (FoH) for all concerts. This includes planning the FoH setup—including any and all activities/stations to be included—cataloging all FoH materials and equipment (and procuring/requesting upgrades as necessary), recruiting and training volunteers, and acting in a managerial role during the concert for all questions or patron issues.


The Front of House Coordinator must be a non-performing member.


Job duties include:

  • Maintaining an inventory checklist of all FoH materials and proactively working to repair, replace, or upgrade materials as necessary.

  • Coordinating the transport of FoH materials to and from all venues when required.

  • Determining the stations or activities to be included in the FoH setup.

  • Coordinating with PR/Comms to manage all required materials for FoH setup (including comp tickets, supporter packages, advertising materials, etc.).

  • Recruiting and training volunteers for each event.

  • Managing FoH during the concert, including setup and breakdown.

  • Handling all patron questions or issues during the event.

  • Securing all sensitive materials during the event (e.g., cash boxes, electronics).

Assistant Stage Manager

The Assistant Stage Manager assists the Stage Manager in all duties and assumes Stage Manager duties if the Stage Manager is not available.


The Assistant Stage Manager must be a non-performing member.


The Assistant Stage Manager assists the Stage Manager with the following tasks:

  • Meet with Concert Producer to understand all technical and logistical requirements for stage, backstage, and dressing room/green room (if necessary) setup.

  • Recruit stage crew and assign duties prior to concert.

  • Day-of-Concert Duties:

    • Arrive at start of rental to coordinate setup of all equipment: chairs, music and mic stands, stationary instruments, electronics, and any needs for the stream and recording teams with regards to stage setup.

    • Identify and resolve all safety hazards during setup.

    • Direct performers backstage to ensure that the rental is kept on schedule.

    • Addresses all technical, safety, and logistical issues backstage during concert.

    • Supervises breakdown after performance.

    • Ensures that all WM materials backstage are claimed or directed to Concert Producer for lost and found.

To apply for a Concert Production opening, please send an email to



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