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WMGSO: The Album DLC

Available Now!

WMGSO: The Album

Available Now!

WMGSO's 100-member orchestra and choir present WMGSO: The Album, the ensemble's debut CD, featuring 12 "greatest hits" tracks from our first five years of performances. Available online via Amazon and iTunes. To get your hands on a physical copy or a download code, come to one of our events or performances

The adventure continues with WMGSO: The Album DLC. Unlock eight additional tracks recorded by WMGSO's small ensembles, available via AmazoniTunes, and at WMGSO events.



WMGSO is celebrating our ten-year anniversary in 2023, and we want to record our second studio album! You can help support us on Indiegogo

You can stream our first album, WMGSO: The Album and WMGSO: The Album DLC on the following platforms: SpotifyApple Music, and Deezer

Fans can continue to purchase physical CDs directly from us at concerts and cons. The full ensemble album is $20 (which includes the booklet that you cannot get online), the DLC download codes are $15, and the combination (CD+DLC code) is $30. We have a limited quantity of full ensemble album digital download codes for $20. All sales are final. All proceeds from physical albums and digital download codes go back to supporting the ensemble, while only a portion of the online sales get back to us. 

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