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We are currently seeking sponsors for our annual Giving Tuesday Virtual Recital, which we will be streaming for free on our Twitch page on Tuesday, November 28th, 2023.


Sponsor donations for this program will be made in our Giving Tuesday Givebutter campaign page on the date of the event. All donations made during the event count towards us potentially being one of the Most Active Campaigns on Givebutter, and could result in us being awarded a monetary bonus by the fundraising platform.

Would you be willing to help us by sponsoring our project? We offer several tier options for sponsorship of the stream:

  • For a $50 donation, we will have your company’s logo on rotation to be shown during the Giving Tuesday event, and a link in chat to your website.

  • For a $100 donation, we will post the logo on rotation AND we’ll read an advertisement for your company from text you’ll provide, promoting it at least twice during the stream (before and after intermission).

  • If you’re feeling overly charitable, we also offer a donation matching tier, up to an amount of your choice. On stream, we will remind the audience several times that your company is matching donations up to that amount, and thank you often.


Your generosity means the world to us. The support from our sponsors last year helped us raise $3,665 for our mission: sharing video game music by putting on affordable, accessible concerts in the D.C. area. Imagine what we can do with your help!


If you are interested in being a Giving Tuesday sponsor, please email



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